lunedì 13 maggio 2013

Sweet mummy

Dear sweet mummy
you are all mothers in the world,
you dig within me up to the root of the universe,
you are always good and leave the sadness,
mother dear,
you are my purity.
I hold you strong for eternity,
giving my wings to your heart,
so he can fly wherever you want.
The rooster crows for your awakening,
the hill lights up when you smile,
you're beautiful like a flower that blooms perennially,
always smelling like a rose,
you have huge arms for my sadness.
It is not dew that wet your face,
is a thought full of pain,
a face disappeared,
our love.
Now go to sleep and make sweet dreams,
I paint a new house, the trees,
the river of your youth.
You will wake up on colorful rugs,
children festive and freshly baked pastries,
is not the empty silence that makes you flee,
is a tender expected that takes your eyes,
so infinite to hide the clouds and the sky.

Cristiano Bartolomei