domenica 12 maggio 2013

The Princess

Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castel, oil on canvas  40x50
Cristiano Bartolomei 2012

Little Princess,
walking in the gardens of Paradise,
you are like fruit on the branches,
red and white, flourished among the leaves,
suspended on the lawns,
motionless in the sky like a star.
Your thin skin nourishes the earth,
reborning with the sun,
bud of wind,
fresh dew in the shadow
that bathes the cheeks of children joyful,
dancing in the gardens,
playful in the bushes.
Your light movements
has the sound of Spring,
the bell echoes from the school,
forget folders color the grass,
while you just disappeared with the wind
along the path of petals and terraces.

Cristiano Bartolomei