lunedì 6 maggio 2013

I'll write you infinite sentenses

I'll write you infinite sentenses
which will include your being,
endless caresses for your eyes,
tears that you will forget,
tightly in your hands.
No, do not hide your tears,
your  needs leave
and flow like blood
under my skin,
while I listen to
your steps light and insecure,
on a carpet of leaves;
the yellow of the sun,
the red of the sunset,
the blue of the sky,
the blue of the sea,
waves crashing
in the palm of your hands.
From the thin folds of your skin
flower gardens,
Now the lights of a house,
on the edge of a village,
where lull a baby
with the sweet sound of a lullaby,
and you are a weeping mother,
woman smiling, protecting,
now a little girl playing
with her dolls
and coloring the world
with her dreams.
Now you wait for my return,
on a lonely road,
on a carpet of leaves,
on the edge of a village
which is reflected in your eyes,
and already my face is
in your hands.

Cristiano Bartolomei