giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Essence of life

Essence of life,
hidden in a scent of nostalgia,
I've been looking for you in the most beautiful images of my imagination,
You appeared on a branch
and you flew away,
you rocked the leaves suddenly
walking along the tree-lined path,
then I saw you again in a meadow,
playing between the blades of grass,
showing your colours,
like the rays of the Sun.
You are the Love,
gaming with my heart
like a toy in the hands of a child,
I’ll always want you near.
Yet escape me,
hidden from the golden mantle of the night,
swimming between the light of the stars,
you leave me on the lips the word "sadness"
and some thrills on the skin.
Then I close my eyes to find you in my dreams,
I'm afraid of losing you and not find yourself more,
now gets up the day  from his bed of fog and gardens,
you understand me in your endless journey
and I’ll want to understand you.
Was born from nothing this feeling,
give him eternity to continue to follow it
over the line of the bright horizon.

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